Automating Customer Complaint Management System

Customer Profile: Direct-to-consumer Online Retail Services


Business Challenges

  • The process to log customer complaints related to product quality is manual and chaotic, involving multiple systems like Salesforce, Google Forms and email

  • Lack of clarity in assignment of ownership & accountability to individuals and teams as the issues traverse across departmental boundaries

  • Loss of detailed contextual information about the issue from when it is initially logged to reviewing updates & comments from various assignees

  • Lack of ability in prioritizing and re-routing issues results in customer satisfaction problems

  • Lack of visibility into individual issue status and what stage in the resolution chain it is currently at, including ETA for resolution

  • No operational status & analytics dashboard based on live data available for management stakeholders


Solution Approach

  • A solution that will help the business streamline their operations for customer issue management and address the challenges. The solution includes:

  • Configuration Simplicity - The solution should be highly configurable and customizable
  • A mobile user interface to perform all actions and viewing reports related to customer cases
  • integration with external services such as Salesforce, G Suite, Slack and other messaging platforms for bi-directional exchange of data
  • A system capable of capturing rich content uploaded by end users such as images & small video clips
  • automated chatbot channel to log complaints, receive updates & resolution information on their cases, freeing up the Rookies to focus other issues