The Business Problem

In most enterprise, different business functions use different applications, different data and different system of records.

Consequently, Enterprise data is siloed, duplicated, and fragmented and business processes are jumbled and inconsistent and non-standardized across business functions.

Simple customer & employee issues face multiple iterations, manual interventions and inconsistent data resulting in systemic inefficiencies and poor experience for both employees and customers.

Unfortunately, system of records like traditional ERPs (SAP, Oracle etc) do not automatically translate to system of action. One cannot action them as it is. It is difficult to trigger action, assign tasks to correct people, ensure collaboration, monitor tasks, track them for closures and deliver on process SLAs.

Also, in almost all cases, Governance is typically an afterthought. Most industries struggle with governance, risk and compliance. Compliance processes are complex and painfully exhausting. It drags down productivity further.

Modern businesses also struggle to get a 360 degree view of all the risks they face - technology risks, operational risks, third party risks, business continuity risks, compliance and audit risks and are unable to manage these risks in an integrated manner.

Today beyond security issues, as environmental and societal concerns grow, most Boards would also want to monitor on ESG compliance. Today there is no comprehensive solution. It is all a patchwork of isolated processes, fragmented records, manual spreadsheets and lots of email for coordination.


How can InstaV TECHNOLOGIES help?

InstaV technologies bring a lot of real-world leadership experience. The team has led multiple businesses in different geographies and of a wide variety, scale, and complexity. So our approach is based on business outcomes. Technology and tools are only enablers to achieve the business objectives.

We are also extremely mindful of the people dimension which is, more often than not, the real difference between success and failure. We understand and facilitate proper context setting, alignment of goals, breaking inter-departmental barriers and proper communication.

In modern world both customers and employees demand workflows and user interfaces that are engaging, simple, easy to navigate and intuitive. It then becomes imperative to have a good understanding of UI/UX design elements and Design Thinking approach to put the customer experience at the centre of design with an concurrent ability to make quick changes based on user feedback. InstaV brings this capability.

We believe that modern workspaces need hyper-automation tools to be truly agile and responsive. We therefore bring good knowledge and experience of developing and automating workflows using Lo/No Code Software Development tools and also different types of Robotic Process Automation tools.

The heart of our business is of course the ServiceNow Platform which has now evolved as the platform of choice for Digital Transformation and as a Platform of Platforms. ServiceNow offers exactly the same attributes that we have established so far – Simplified Experience, Purposeful Automation and Organizational Agility.

We have a delivery team with a good mix of energy, academic credentials and real-world project experience backed by ServiceNow Certifications.