The heart of digital transformation

The Digital Transformation concept has its genesis in business’ attempt to achieve higher revenue and better profitability through delivering superior customer experience and happier and productive employees.

However superior customer and employee experience needs the back-end workflows to be streamlined and orchestrated better. The workflows should be seamless, simple, and intuitive which in turns requires that the underlying business processes need to be fully digitized and integrated across different business functions. Of course, more and more of these processes are now getting automated for greater efficiency and eliminating human errors.

Below an organization’s business process are its business application. This is the area that is really seeing a massive change as legacy and client-server applications are getting replaced with web-enabled and mobile applications. The pandemic, with its need for work from anywhere, only accelerated this trend.

New age Low-Code and No Code Software Development Platforms and Robotic process Automation tools (jointly referred to as hyper-automation) enables application modernization and new application development quickly and with limited development resources.

Modern Big Data and AI/ML tools allow us to really harness the explosively growing structured and unstructured data being generated by human to human, human to machine and machine to machine interactions.

IT Infrastructure has also undergone a sea change with mobile phones have become our constant companion to access both personal and professional applications and data and of course, in the backend organizations are rapidly moving to full-fledged or hybrid cloud. One can visualize this in the form of a stack as shown below:

A holistic digital transformation must therefore ensure harmony and synchronization between all these layers. We, at InstaV technologies believe, that with our understanding of people, business processes and technology dimensions coupled with our deep expertise and experience in ServiceNow, and other related technologies can deliver real digital transformation to your business which will allow you to deliver on the fundamental premise of superior customer and employee experience..

Pallab Talukdar, CEO