SecOps & Edge security

Faster response to threats enables organizations to be Cyber resilient and manage vulnerability better. Single data model and prebuilt orchestration reduce manual tasks and improve productivity. End to end visibility to impacted systems along with threat intelligence add context to accelerating prioritization and remediation.

Connect with us to architect your Security Dashboards, integrate information sources and flows to build a SOAR with context and AI for smarter workflows with ServiceNow, powering your Secure Digital Transformations.

  • Drive cyber resilience with risk-based vulnerability management
  • Leverage business context to prioritize critical vulnerabilities
  • Automate your Vulnerability response workflows – respond faster and reduce backlogs
  • Gain end to end visibility to all access, on-perm or cloud, improve data protection and compliance, while streamlining response to any security incident
  • Expand SecOps capabilities with integrations to 3rd party security solutions through ServiceNow Integration Hub