New Product Release Workflow Digitization


Business Challenges

  • Complex Manual Processes

  • Intense coordination across teams

  • Verification and validations happen over emails and spreadsheets

  • No single source of truth

  • Lack of visibility of the progress of the workflow

  • Business KPI tracked manually

  • No insights for continuous performance improvements


Solution Approach

  • Maximize OOTB for scalability & operations

  • Configure Agent Workspace to improve agent experience & efficiency

  • Build Playbooks to digitize SOP

  • Configure business rules to capture data consistently and drive SLA

  • Build reports to track business KPI


Choice of platform

  • ServiceNow CSM

  • Playbook to assist Agent with digitized guidance

  • ServiceNow BoTs to interact with systems of records

  • Dashboards for performance analysis


Business Benefits

  • End-to-end tracking of creation, validation, compliance check, and approval processes of Product release

  • Visibility to present status and any roadblocks in product release readiness

  • Automated data retrievals and updates across Systems of Record utilizing ServiceNow BoT