Unified Service Portal and Chatbot


Business Challenges

  • Cache framework implementation for Major incident dashboard

  • Lack of resources to engage triage and resolve MINCs

  • Increased complexity to communicate and collaborate with various stakeholders


Business Benefits

  • Providing a single-point snapshot of various aspects of the Incident for all the attendees and participants in resolving the major incident

  • Incorporated the benefits of chat conversation for various stakeholders on a single page

  • Enabled access to the relevant bridge

  • Ability to create multiple bridges for different participants to communicate with different stakeholders/vendors in resolving the issue

  • Quick access to various other applications

  • Ability to engage/page different stakeholders


Solutions Provided

  • Customized unified portal page to include all the aspects of the incident including tasks, and affected CIs, integrated with a private symphony chat room for MIM to engage various stakeholders in resolving a major incident

  • Integrated with Apigee cache framework, to cache the data and refresh it seamlessly



  • Servicenow Service Portal